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Monday, August 25, 2008

The Tallest Scout Pioneering Tower In Malaysia

On the 6 of June 2008, the Shiang Yang Open Troop scouts built the tallest scout pioneering tower sited in Bercham Recreational Park, Ipoh. The troop spent 10 days to have the structure up. The official height measured by the land surveyor was 40.26m which made it possible for them to finally put their names in the Malaysia Book Of Records as the Tallest Scout Pioneering Tower in Malaysia

On 6 June 2008, YB Dr Mah Hang Soon has officiated the opening ceremony of the tower. The ceremony started with speeches, handing out the souvenirs to sponsors and lastly the signing of the certificate of Malaysia Book of Records. Later on, there was a competition and campfire with a series of events such as drills competition, modern and backwoods cooking competition, sketch competition, dancing competition, morse code competition, and mini pioneering project competition.The First Kinta Troop participated for the first time after many years in the wilderness in the following competition: 1. Drills, 2. Cooking and finally in the sketch.

Congratulations to Shiang Yang Open Scout Troop and all the others who had worked hard to make this historical moment a success.

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