Kinta 01 90th anniversary gathering


01 Kinta 90th Anniversary Gathering photo is now published!

Sunday, August 31, 2008

One Day Camp 30 August 2008

Aims And Objectives

  1. To give intensive training on various scout skills
  2. Test on leadership and troop management
  3. To enhance the scouting spirit through scouting skills


Pitch tents, compass and map reading, (theory and practical), scout staff(tongkat) drills, inter patrol competitions – drills, commando course and rope course.

Scoutmaster incharge

Mr Lau Wai Fong and Mr Hoh Soon Wen

Scoutmasters and trainers present:-

  1. Mr Lee Tat Lang (Scout teacher advisor)
  2. Mr Selvin David A. PPT (Scoutmaster)
  3. Mr Chua Kian Meng (Scoutmaster)
  4. Mr Lau Wai Fong (Scoutmaster)
  5. Mr Hoh Soon Wen (Scoutmaster)
  6. Mr Kenny Wong Weng Cheong (Trainer – Drills & Swimming)
  7. Mr Aravind (Trainer – First Aid)

Troop leaders in charge:

  1. Troop Leader :Daryl Yong
  2. Secretary : Wong Mun Choong
  3. Treasurer : Wong Kah Wei
  4. Quartermaster : Kenny Wan

“People who are COMPETENT

  1. Those who can see what needs to happen
  2. Those who can make it happen
  3. Those who can make things happen when it realy counts.”

LOVE is –

Slow to suspect, quick to trust;

Slow to condemn, quick to justify;

Slow to offend, quick to defend;

Slow to demand, quick to give.

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