Kinta 01 90th anniversary gathering


01 Kinta 90th Anniversary Gathering photo is now published!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Kinta 01 Nov 08 Gopeng Annual Camp Day 03

Please click here to enjoy a video on the camp courtesy of Alex Wong: Be a little patience as it is a big file and takem some time!

Day 03 is mainly breaking camp and closing session.

I supposed some of us learnt the importance of proper logistics to minimise cleaning and breaking of camps.

The session is closed by the scoutmaster in charge with the award
to the top 3 patrols and top 2 best improvement scout for Senior and Junior
with one outstanding achievement award.

Our dedicated scoutmasters serving us throughout our camp.

The troop photo..the serious and the natural side of Kinta 01...

Outstanding Award of the Camp: Daryl Yong

Best Patrol: Patrol 5 under the leadership of Woo Ching Fei followed by Patrol 4 under the leadership of Chew Dickson

Top 2 Best Improvement Achievers (Senior): Kenny Wan and Weng Keat

Top 2 Best Improvement Achievers (Senior): Yong Peng and Brian Yee

Kinta 01 Nov 08 Gopeng Annual Camp Day 2 (Expedition, river crossing, backwoods cooking & Malam Kebudayaan (Laugh Til You Drop)

River Crossing Activity is the highligh of the Expedition

Day 2 started with eating a heavy breakfast and packing of lunch to eat at the river dam up in Gopeng Hill. The hike takes us approximately 2 hour 30 minutes over the refreshing plantation and jungle along the orang asli settlement.

The highlight activity of the day is crossing the river which is approximately 30 meter wide. Upon returning back to base camp, we enjoyed another 30 minute wash up to cool ourselves in the refreshing and cooling river.

It was unfortunate that the rain came in once we reached back stretching the team's ability in proceeding with our backwoods cooking.

Nonetheless, we achieved both with great fun despite the wetness as we refused to allow the wet weather to dampen our spirit and the backwoods food was indeed refreshing despite some uncooked rice as the marinated BBQ chicken is indeed one of the best meal of the day

Laugh til you drop is the theme for the "Malam Kebudayaan" for the Camp and undeniably some of us did laugh til the ground

We loved the Mr Bean sketch during Malam Kebudayaan The closing of the Malam Kebudayaan was the famous "Country Road Song"

Gopeng 2008 Annual Camp Day 01 Activities

The main activities in Day 01 are

Chopping of bamboos. We collected about 15 - 20 large bamboos for backwoods and 20-30 smaller bamboos for gadgets

The boys obviously have a lot of fund preparing their own pasta lunch within their patrol. Hmm looks deliciously nutrituos.

The tree house and gadget building is led by Sir Selvin, Sir Chua and Sir Lau.

No camping is ever complete without the troop flag being raised. The troop hand carried a long bamboo and converted it into a flag pole


In the evening, the juniors are trained to prepare the window and bamboo sticks for backwoods. The juniors did a fanstastic job in preparing and cleaning the bamboos