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Monday, October 8, 2007

Train the trainer September 2007

Coverage of topic

DISC Profiling by Alex Wong

  • Get to know your profile
  • What is D,I,S and C
  • Application of DISC
  • How to match profile for better communication and teamwork
  • How to use DISC in Scouts

Leadership and character Basics by Alex

  • Rules of the games
  • Choice
  • Vision-mission
  • Leadership and teamwork
  • Usage of Activity based Learning
  • Spider Web Activity as an example

Cooking Basics by Jet Son

Utensils of Cookings

Cooking Methods

Food safety and hygiene

Food chemistrys

Scouting basics and elements by Voon

  • The basics of scoutings
  • The challenges of scoutings
  • The must have for scout leaders

Scouts by Sir Selvin

  • Where are we now
  • Where are we heading
  • Good to see addition to the scouting trainers
  • Passion and commitment are required from the trainers
  • A closely knitted inter support scout and ex trainers
  • Establishment of a buddy support system for network and friendship expansion

1 comment:

Ken Chin said...

Dear Scouters,

Great to hear the progress in 01 Kinta especially more & more trainers signed up. Wish I were there.

It's quite a challenging time for me at this moment to serve, but I'll be back soon. Keep up the good work.

P.S. Pls use this new email to get in touch with me, old one has been discontinued.

H/P: 0124142863