Kinta 01 90th anniversary gathering


01 Kinta 90th Anniversary Gathering photo is now published!

Friday, August 10, 2007

Pengakap Raja 1989

The First Kinta Troop in year 1989.

Troop Song

We are boy scouts of 1st Ipoh Kinta Troop, it was formed more than 90 years ago, with strong scouting spirits true and noble, which includes our traditions.

Going for Lencana Expedisi, adventure that we will not forget.

Through the years we have strived for victory, with persistence, courage, determination. We will upkeep the scout laws and the promise and to show our loyalty.

We salute you the scoutmasters, and the leaders of capabilities. And to promise future glories through hardship and discipline.

Waiting to receive the King Scout Badge.

Scouting life in ACS a challenge. Adventures and campings part of our life. We shall treasure the words of our founder, ONCE A SCOUT ALWAYS A SCOUT.

Photo session with reporters.

We are proud we are boy scouts of the ACS

Prepared by : Teck Kean

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