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Monday, August 24, 2009

22 Aug 2009_Scout Badge Results

Dear Kinta 01 Scouts

Please find the official results of the Cooking Badge held on the 22nd Aug
2009. My heartiest congratulations to Hin Phang and Kin Mun. A special
mention is Wei Di and De Lunn Group for their smiley face presentation

Please be informed that all members must be prepared and strived to achieve
competency on the scheduled test as once the members didn't managed to get
certification during the scheduled dates, the next dates could be 6 months
away to give way for others to continue to pursue other certifications.

As such, for those who would like to reschedule their tests, we appreciate
your kind understanding on the time constraints that we have. For all 2nd
attempt, please refer to their EXCO committee for the next date for cooking

For those who are having borderline results, please make arrangement with
your troop secretary to have a 1 on 1 session with me. I am available on the
30th Aug 2009 to meet those who are in borderline cases. Priority shall be
given to Quartermaster Committee followed by Cooking Badge. All borderline
cases who does not make the necessary appointment to see me within 3 months
from the date of their exam results published shall be deemed as "NOT YET
COMPETENT" which means they will have to "REGISTER for the TEST again".
Thank you

Alex Wong

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