Kinta 01 90th anniversary gathering


01 Kinta 90th Anniversary Gathering photo is now published!

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Introducing the new Troop Committee for FY2009-2010

Please find the new committes' award of their ranking

Woo Cheng Fei (Troop Leader)

Arunkumar (Secretary)

Jered Chan Lik Hao (Teasurer)

Sachin Rai (QM)
Chong Chi Wei (QMA)
Wong Kin Mun (QMA)
Leow Chun Leong (QMA)
Chong Shek Hong (QMA)

Shiow Yong Peng (PL-TIONG)
Voon Yoong Chin (APL-TIONG)

Yee Zhen Qiao (PL-KENYALANG)
Alvin Hen Yee Kit(APL-KENYALANG)

Alex Wong Hin Phang (PL-RAJAWALI)
Raguraman (APL-RAJAWALI)

Foo Wei Hung (PL-HELANG)
Mukish Kumar (APL-HELANG)

Thong Wei Seng (PL-PEKAKA)
Renessh (APL-PEKAKA)

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Just Another Scout said...

Congratulations and all the best to the new troop committee. Uphold the troop's image yeah! :)