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Sunday, March 15, 2009

Kuala Sepetang Site Visit (From Mangrove to boat ride to charcoal factory)

Once the busiest port in the region, its facilities were mainly for exporting of processed tin ore. Opened in 1877 as the gateway for cargo ships, Port Weld is now called Kuala Sepetang. No longer a main port, it is now mainly used by fishing boats.

In the past, Port Weld was an important port for import export activities between Taiping and Penang. Apart from Teluk Intan. Port Weld is also used as an exit point to the Kinta District and Upper Perak District. At that time, the items traded were opium, preserved vegetables, tobacco and tin ore.

Port Weld's activities with Taiping increased when a railroad was built. Works on the railroad started in the end of 1884 and its construction was managed by the Ceylon Pioneer Corps. On February, the railroad was officially opened and plying the Taiping and Port Weld route transported passengers and goods.


hahaha said...

the kuala sepetang camp site is certainly a new xperience for many of the scouts.when i heard Kuala Sepetang, i knew that we might get to see ways of producing charcoal. if i am not mistaken this is the suggested campsite for our annual camp. yahooooooooo it gonna be interesting. however the factor of cost should be taken into consideration. let the council and scoutmasters decide for the best of our troop.

DeZhern said...

I loved this place...I went there b4 when i was st.5...NOt too hot, not too cold...most importantly, ITs toilet is a lot better than gopeng....!!!