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Wednesday, April 30, 2008

ONE VISION: One in Purpose and Unity


Do you have a VISION?
Do you have a VISION?
If Scouting excellence is my purpose, aim, goal …
What am I doing to achieve that?
If Scouting excellence is what I want…
Why am I not doing anything for it?
If Scouting excellence builds character…
What am I afraid of?
If Scouting excellence – can bless Scouts…
Why am I not a blessing to someone today?
If Scouting excellence can nurture minds and person's attitude…
What should I be aiming today?
If Scouting excellence brings honour ad success…
How many of us actually love Scouting?
If Scouting excellence demands DISCIPLINE…
Why not I come forward to offer my skills
Instead of talk and NO ACTION,
Why not I offer my time, energy and support…
Instead of complaining and asking WHY – I offer myself?
"Here am I send me."

By: Selvin David A., PPT. - Scoutmaster

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