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Friday, January 4, 2008

Mt Kinabalu/ Sabah Expedition 2007

1. Scoutmasters : Mr Selvin David.A,PPT and Mr. Hoh Soon Wen.

2. Date: 6-12 December 2007

3. Aim: A Journey of Adventure, Discovery and Renewal for Teamwork

4. Places of interest: Mt. Kinabalu/ Mesilau Trail Climb, Island Tour, Tip of Borneo/Kudat Point, Kadazan Cultural Village.

5. Team leader: Mr. Leong Wai Sing [Scouting Key Personnel]


Signages- Kinabalu Park Resort, Sabah.

Mt. Kinabalu- the highest Peak in South East Asia.

Mt Kinabalu/Mesilau Trail - Mr Aady (the guide), Mr Selvin, Mr Hoh Soon Wen.

Mr Hoh Soon Wen- succeeded reaching the Low's Peak on 8 December 2007.

North Peak

Trail to Low's Peak- challenging climb. Temperature as low as 4°C..

Visiting Honey Bee Farm- on the way to Kudat.

Rainbow on the horizon- Kudat Point

1 comment:

Ken Chin said...

Excellent scenery, seeing is believing that Mr Selvin still have the stamina & spirit to climb high mountains & going places. Good example for the youngster to follow.

Ken Chin